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Tropicsun Sunnhemp Seeds

Tropicsun Sunnhemp Seeds
  • Features

  • Originated in India & Pakistan and developed in Hawaii,USA
  • Fast growing,heat loving ,tall ,branching annual legume,reaching a height of 1.8m in 90 days .
  • Ability to rapidly add Nitrogen and organic matter to over-farmed soils makes it a favorite for improving soil quality and rejuvenating.
  • Produces a compound that is toxic to several Nematode species,making it an excellent weapon for pest management.
  • Can grow on infertile soils,but its production is improved with good soil fertility or fertilizer application.
  • Best at a soil pH between 5 and 7,adapted to a wide range of soils,optimal production on well drained soils.
  • Tolerate alkaline pH up to 8.4,natuarry adapted to hot, semiarid,and arid areas and drought resistant.
  • Minimum of 1 inch(25mm) of moisture per week for maximum growth and does not tolerate waterlogging.
  • The plant tolerates mean annual temperatures between 47 and 82°F(8-27.5°C)
  • As a short day plant,sunnhemp grows best in spring,summer,and early fall plantings.
  • Broadcast rate at 45-67kgs/ha.drill rate at 34-56kgs/ha to a depth of 12-25mm in rows 15cm apart .
  • Use higher seeding rates if the crop will be incorporated within 30-45 days or if severe weed competition is expected.v
  • Maximum foliage Nitrogen content is highest at or before the early bloom stage.
  • 2.5 tons/Acre dry matter and about 50 lbs of Nitrogen per ton of dry matter.3 month old crop produced about 8,000 lbs/Acre of dry biomass and fixed 180lbs/Acre of N.
  • In Florida,Tropic Sun fixed 248 lbs/Acre N,compared to about 30 lbs for Sorghum-Sudangrass,a non-legume.
  • Produces a toxic nematicidal compound called monocrotaline which prevents reproduction of pests.
  • Rapid,tall growth Tropic Sun provides excellent suppression of weeds,and prevents soil erosion by protecting the soil from raindrop impact.
  • Also can be planted for short-term wind break for sensitive crops.
  • Do not allow sunnhemp to grow betond the full-bloom stage(about 60 days after planting)if it is to be incorporated as a green manure.

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