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Mini Red Sunnhemp Seeds

Mini Red Sunnhemp Seeds
  • Features

  • Scientific Name : Crotalaria Ochroleuca

  • Origin : Africa/Australia

  • More effective at suppressing Nematodes control than black Sunnhemp,specially Root Knot(Meloidogyne spp.)and Lesion(Pratylenchus spp.) nematodes.

  • Smaller seeds size,60,000 seeds per pound reducing the amount of seeds needed per acre and reducing overall costs.

  • Fix Nitrogen,suppress nematodes and weeds,and promote good soil health when used.

  • Excellent for grazing purposes.

  • Long taproot for breaking up hardened layers of soil.

  • Finer stemmed and less fibrous than black sunnhemp making it easier to incorporate back into the soil.

  • Popular multipurpose green manure crop and forage crop.

  • 6 feet in height and produces 100 lbs of Nitrogen per acre.

  • Sowing rate : 30kgs per hectar

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